Ball Joint

Why T-Technics
  • Large range of products
  • Gas springs in steel and stainless steel
  • Many standardized
  • Lots of stock available
  • Customized according to customer requirements
  • Short delivery time (also with customized products)
  • Various brands additionally available
  • Mounting parts in steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc.

For a ball joint you can contact T-Technics. We are the customer-friendly specialist, who has been active for over thirty years and can therefore boast the necessary experience. A ball joint is a spherical sliding bearing, which is provided with a ball. This slide bearing ensures that the mechanism works excellently, while guaranteeing minimal play. The ball joints of T-Technics have a large angle of rotation and are durable, they last a long time. Our employees are professionals who are at home in the industry. T-Technics delivers affordable quality. We are working on that. In addition to ball joints, you can also call on us for gas springs. We only take pleasure with the highest standard. We are the only representative of Airax gas springs in the Benelux. Airax is one of the largest gas spring producers in Europe and a supplier to a number of well-known companies, such as Citroën, Peugeot and Renault. Special stainless steel gas springs are also part of our range. In addition, we produce small hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. T-Technics wants to meet its customers with a complete range and optimal service. For a ball joint you are good at T-Technics. We come with high-quality products. The ball joints of T-Technics are available in different versions and suitable for multiple applications. They can be supplied with left-hand thread. You can fall back on T-Technics for a ball joint.

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We go for a satisfied customer. T-Technics is a stable and dedicated company. We are good for customized concepts. T-Technics does not think in problems, but in solutions. You can call on T-Technics for a ball joint. We will start with your wishes. The customer comes first. That is our starting point for departure. You can contact T-Technics for a ball joint.

Ball joint at T-Technics

Our knowledge and expertise are at your disposal. We are perfectionistic and driven. It must be fine, that is what it is all about for us. For a ball joint you can focus on T-Technics. See more information here:

If you want more information about the ball joint, or if you want to know more about T-Technics, you can contact us. Our employees are happy to help you.

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