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“You can find all forks at T-Technics B.V. We supply forks in various designs. Additionally, we are a manufacturer of gas springs and small hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. At T-Technics, you will find an overview of our extensive range, categorized into various types. Discover all that we have to offer.”



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Forks and gas springs

T-Technics has grown significantly in the field of gas springs. As specialists in gas springs, we naturally also offer a wide range of fastening materials. A fork is an essential component in this regard. They are used in applications where high pressure and/or loads are present on the connection parts. Forks are resistant to high impact and tensile forces and are available with clips or pins.

  • Adjustable forks M4 to M20 and steel mounting eyes M6
  • Stainless steel forks M4 to M14
  • Plastic forks and rod ends M6 to M14

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Plastic forks and rod ends

In addition to steel forks, we also provide plastic forks and rod ends. These are particularly suitable as attachment methods for, for example, stainless steel gas pressure and gas tension springs. They are real quick fasteners. Moreover, the forks are corrosion-free and resistant to contamination. Also, inquire about our ball joints and mounting eyes. It’s worth it.

Why T-Technics?

We prioritize our customers’ needs. Service, quality, and reliability are paramount to us. We supply almost everything from stock, ensuring very short delivery times. Want to know which fork is right for you? Rest assured, you’ll receive expert advice from us. Order your forks from T-Technics B.V. Contact us now, we’re here to assist you.

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