Why T-Technics
  • Large range of products
  • Gas springs in steel and stainless steel
  • Many standardized
  • Lots of stock available
  • Customized according to customer requirements
  • Short delivery time (also with customized products)
  • Various brands additionally available
  • Mounting parts in steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc.

Clevises can be found at T-Technics B.V. in Hengelo. We supply the fork in various versions. We are also a manufacturer of gas springs and small hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. On our website you will find an overview of our wide range, divided into various types. Discover what we all have to offer.

More information about gaffels


T-Technics has become big in gas springs. And as a gas spring specialist, we also supply a wide range of clevises. Clevises certainly should not be missing. Clevises are used where a high pressure and / or load is present on the connecting parts. They are resistant to high impact and tensile forces and are available with clip or pin. Just a selection from our prongs collection:

In addition to steel clevises, we also supply plastic clevises and rod ends. These are particularly suitable as a fixing method for, for example, stainless steel gas pressure and gas springs. They are real fast fasteners. They are also free of corrosion and insensitive to contamination.
Also ask for our ball joints and fastening eyes. It is worth it.

We pay attention to you as a customer. Service, quality and reliability are very important to us. We supply almost everything from stock and that with very short delivery times. Do you want to know what is the right clevise for you? With us you can rest assured that you will receive expert advice. Get your clevise at T-Technics B.V. Contact us now. We are happy to help you.

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