Panel-/ Hatch gas spring

Which gas springs are suitable?

Would you like assistance in determining the right gas springs for your situation? Then follow the steps below. This results in a complete form that you can send to us. We will then make you an offer for the most favorable situation.

For information: a panel hangs vertically and goes to horizontal and a hatch is horizontal and goes to vertical.


  • Take a good look at how much maximum space there is under a hatch. For the most used sizes, a space of 200 to 300 mm is necessary to ensure that the gas springs can do their job optimally. If the gas spring is too flat, there is a possibility that the gas springs will not help to open the hatch and that the hatch will close the last part when it is closed.
  • Check which mounting parts you can / want to use.
  • Always try to use 2 gas springs per hatch or panel, or eventually 1 in the middle. When using 1 gas spring on the outside, there is a risk of skewing.
  • If you have a different construction, send a drawing or sketch with measurements and weights to us.
  • Important: the better the data, the better the gas springs can operate.