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Specials, Folding and Protective Pipes

Here you will find the complete range of specials and various folding and protective pipe solutions from T-Technics B.V. It’s possible that the complete range of standard gas pressure and tension springs already contains what you are looking for. Custom-made gas springs are manufactured to meet specific customer requirements and offer virtually unlimited possibilities. We can provide suitable alternatives for various other brands of gas springs. Feel free to inquire about the options.

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✔️Tandem housings for stainless steel gas springs

✔️Pressure-relief gas pressure springs

✔️Gas springs with switch contacts (electro-springs)

✔️Hydraulic cylinders (single- and/or double-acting)

✔️Mechanically lockable gas springs (blockspring)

✔️Oil and gas dampers

Folding and Protective Pipes

✔️Protective pipes

✔️Folding/protective pipes in stainless steel

For more information, please refer to our comprehensive T-Technics catalogue.