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Every week we are called with the question if we want to advise in a solution where gas springs could be used, but it is not always possible to calculate which extension force that gas spring should deliver.

For this we have now developed a new gas spring with which controlled pressure relief is now possible with our “Control spring“.

This type of gas spring is a further development of our power-releasable gas spring.

By turning a valve stem clockwise with an imbus key, a fixed amount of nitrogen escapes with every revolution. This suddenly prevents too much pressure from the gas spring.

The advantage of this construction is that when using multiple gas springs in your construction, you can still adjust each gas spring to the same force by turning the valve pin on each gas spring the same number of times, this is possible (even in mounted condition).

The gas springs can of course be refilled by us if you have left too much.


Patent has been applied for on this gas spring construction.

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